Do you use a case on your iPhone?

Found 20th Sep 2017
Do you use a case on your iPhone ? i have the iphone 6 and love the feel of it out a case but too worried about it being out one incase i scratch it etc
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I had my iPhone 6 in case up until 4 weeks ago. It was perfect, after 4 weeks it’s got loads of scratches on it. I recommend getting something on it ASAP.
You won't love it when you drop it
My iPhone 7 plus is in a case ,had been since day I never take it out
Yep, mines been in a case since day 1 plus a shatterproof screen protector, luckily I've dropped it a couple of times without any problems.
I use a spigen cover
I use a spigen case on my iPhone se and have done since day one. Main reason is for selling it on as i don't intend to have it for more than 12 months so want it to be as close to brand new as possible:)
The Apple leather case is awesome. Perfect for, and great protection.
Spigen cover and Gorilla Glass front.
Its the Only way to keep the value in the handset when you come to trade up.
I always kept my old 5s in a case with screen protector. Might look crap but least it's protected plus you get more money when you come to sell it and it's in brilliant condition.
I have iPhone 7 without case, not dropped it yet...
Always keep mine in a case.. I've got too many. I only buy them cheap.. current one I got off amazon warehouse deals for £3 something but was reduced from £15 something. Its in 2 parts. First layer is all rubbery and that covers it all. then there's a second layer of hard to cover the back and the sides where your hand would touch.It's black and pink with diamontes in it so probs not your taste.. but look about for one you like. It makes it look thicker but like others have said. I'd rather protect it so it's good condition when it's time to sell. I also use edge to edge screen protectors (I have the same phone, iPhone 6
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surfinbird1 h, 16 m ago

I have iPhone 7 without case, not dropped it yet...

You may have just Jinxed yourself
Always have a case on mine apart from sometimes at home where I only have carpetsI take it out as a little treat
I dropped my iPhone x and screen cracked. Buy yourself a case
I have a clear gel cover thing on mine that covers the whole phone, front and back. It's less obvious than the big leather flip case things and gives it the protection
LiveforeverRkid25th Sep 2017

I dropped my iPhone x and screen cracked. Buy yourself a case

With the price of the iphone X it should come with it's own bodyguard!.
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