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    Well i'm a huge fan of Canons, anyone who owns a canon will tell you how amazing they are.
    I currently have the Canon IXUS 800, but i'm looking to upgrade and there's no way i'd get anything other than a canon again tbh!

    I'm not sure what sort of price the Canon IXUS 70 is, but my friend has a Canon IXUS 75 and it's really good!
    I think you can probably find one of those between £120 - £140 if you have a browse online.

    A lot of people have slagged off sonys for their digital cameras, so i'd say you cant go wrong with a canon!

    Oh, also i'd like to add that the battery for my canon i have at the moment, can last.. probably at 6 hours of using it continually - taking photos, playing videos and photos back..
    I never worry about my battery at all, i'm not aware of how good the battery life is for other models but i dont see why it would be worse.

    And on canons you are able to change the settings for recording video, you can put the picture quality down so it takes a lot less memory (although the sound quality always stays the same), or you can have it on maximum quality - although it does take up a lot of memory, its hardly surprising because each shot is absolute superb quality.
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