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at the end of the day you will be the one who misses out, I understand what your saying, but im sure there are still a few changes that this site will undergo, im actually getting used to it, however I think that there should be a voucher page like before. Bye!

lol at the tags :lol:

Its **** just change it back again.

ok so your going but your coming back ? doh !

in reality your feeling fustrated that the sites changed and you dont like it , also you feel strong enough to believe its worth leaving over , the quality of the posts arnt what they used to be and your feeling that the site really needs TLC , you feel ignored

this is what you have posted but less reactionary , i think

ummmmmmm yep , cant knock you , im with you on this , yes , rep hit time i think

correction , cant find rep on your post , if i could have i would have put

`` chill out , i dare say it will revert back once enough voices are heard , hang around aye ``

Cya im not gonna leave but im just not gonna be on it half as much as it pains me to use it.

i wont be on as often i think. its easy to use but as you said looks really rubbish no offence to admins and mods. Its all over the place and each time i go back it takes me right to back is it flash based or something??

im betting you (OP) will be back pretty soon, in fact im pretty sure u will be


I think I left you rep, but as its now a pop up with a transparent back … I think I left you rep, but as its now a pop up with a transparent back ground, so you can't see it as its over the posts I'm not sure if it worked.

This has been noted.

Don't leave yet i'm sure the site has been hacked no one would ruin a good site like the old one.

Why change what works well

It's much worse than what it was, before it was easy to navigate quick to load and you could see plenty of info in one screen.

Now it takes a while to load, i havent got a clue what im doing and one offer takes up 3/4 of my screen. (Also when i click a thread all the top of it is ruined the text has merged with the HDUK links.

What do you mean the "right sections"? I can see it when I click on discussed and I can see it when I click on New.

thfc you need to clear cookies and force refresh to get the new stylesheet.

I think they should allow us to have the option of the old format or new format is possibal like myspace does.

If it aint broke dont fix it I say, although I do like parts of the new layout

I wish i could vote but my voting options seems to be covered up by a herd of text and various pictures

Absolute joke.

i agree its far from user friendly now. the only term it warrants is ..... GASH.

I've never understood why people feel the need to announce they are leaving a forum, this one is espeically odd as you announce you are leaving, but coming back, so not really leaving at all lol


tarzan get your **** back here and help me wade through this cack:w00t:

Not much fun anymore,too complex:oops:
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