Do you want to... a snowman


    have used em before along with there sister site pricedrop tv and they been goin long time so would say there legit

    as for combining postage dont think so thats how they manage to sting ya with ridiculously high postage costs

    but if your lucky can grab some bargains


    Yes they are legit, and no you cant combine (thats where they make the money)

    You need to factor the cost of the delivery in to get the true cost

    I think it's legit, It's been around for a while too.

    yep legit my uncle used to work in their technical deparment.

    Bid tv , pricedrop tv and there was one more.

    Yeah they are ok, my mum is a shopping channel addict, when she got to ill too hit the shops she turned to the TV and the habit has stayed! Mind you i have gained a nice necklace, a snazzy new iron, some sheets, cordless phones... lol

    Oh and no...they don't combine unfortunatly

    their products arent ridiculously cheap though...ebay prices best deal but mental postage


    yep legit my uncle used to work in their technical deparment.Bid tv , … yep legit my uncle used to work in their technical deparment.Bid tv , pricedrop tv and there was one more.

    Bid tv , pricedrop tv and situp...

    I used to work for an outsourcing company who looked after all their sites and servers!! had problems 24/7.. Dont work there anymore.
    But should be ok ordering from them reliable and legit company!

    Good luck

    yeh same with my uncle he used to work in those sections.

    He worked there 2 years ago i fink it was maybe 3 ? wbu

    you can get some great bargains though, other night we got a nice new vax list price £199 for £1.94 including postage it was less than £12

    yeah, they're legit used to order of them but you can never combine shipping so would always take the shipping into account when ordering :thumbsup: used to love the £1 mega drops! do they still do them?


    Can someone explaing this … Can someone explaing this please: listed as a "Falling Auction" which means the price goes down till they've all gone. So if I enter £1 in the bid box and click bid now, does that mean I have it?

    Lets say there are 10 items for sale and 5 people bid £5, 4 people bid £3 and you bid £1. You would be successful in getting the last one. But if 10 people had higher bids than you then they will all have sold before it gets to £1.....(so they will have sold out before your bid comes into play)

    Some of their "own" branded clothing is poor quality and other items you can get cheaper elsewhere. However they used to sell "end of line" stuff as online bids only and you could get some bargains on these.
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