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i have a bank acc i dont bother with and in return nor do they.


they only allow credit increases every 6 months and each time you ask for credit to much it affects your credit rating so i belive

or your allowed to ask twice a year once in every 6 months


As long as where you buy the holiday from is ABTA bonded and you have insurance then there are no worries about protection.


What annual charge?Ok I'm not crazy, you did ost about them taking an … What annual charge?Ok I'm not crazy, you did ost about them taking an annual charge.Also my limit was £700 based on earning £120 a month(job during school). Now I earn about £1250, what are the chances of them increasing my limit? I was kinda just gonna ask for the maximum just to see how high I can get them to go. I wanna stick a holiday on it, that'll be around £4000.

i were earnin around the same last year but never took credit. i'd recommend you stick to the maestro, recession an all . .

for the holiday make sure you have your insurance in place BEFORE you book the holiday or at the same time. The reason for this is simple, a good policy will refund your deposit should you have to cancel, but they wont if you dont have the insurance in place before you book!


Anyways thanks for the advice. I'll check that it's ABTA bonded before I … Anyways thanks for the advice. I'll check that it's ABTA bonded before I book, hoping to go for around 2 months.Well I'm not worried about that, I have been earing about £1200(before tax) since september and have only spent like £500 so far, so I have enough in cash to cover the whole balance. I bought something on the card in september paid it off straight away in December, and the card is 10 months interest free, and I'll probably cancel it after that.

If you like paying stuff off in full or cash then get a Cashback Credit Card, set up a DD to settle the full balance every month, then you'll be getting paid for using your card!


Any more info about this?

I use amazon master card which gets you point when you spend. When you have got 1500 points you get a £15 amazon gift voucher. I pay for everything on my card shopping, petrol and all the stuff I buy on here that I don't need!


You can phone up the CC company and ask them just to increase your credit limit for a month, explain you want to pay off your holiday on it. I did this when I got my new car (just so I could claim the club card points)


Any more info about this?

MINT Card 0.5% on ALL Purchases.
AMERICAN EXPRESS 5% for first 6 months less thereafter
SHELL card 2 or 3% when paying for fuel at shell
EGG Card dunno what% but they do cashback too
Google "Cashback Credit cards"
I pay for everything this way because of the extra benefits of the transaction being regulated by the credit laws etc .... oh and the cashback!
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