Do you want to... a snowman


I'm guessing I missed the boc

Oh right I'll let you know when it's up

Daym go home at your lunch break?

Hmm does your dad have a spare key

I reckon they'll have the good stuff in the evening. Do you know how much the postage will be for the boc?

Yeh it's free, I think I'll order it if I get the chance. Thanks

Wots A Selloff

wheres the free boc?

So what is a sell off? I just went to the site and theres a jcb sander for £9

Does it just change throughout the day, or is there another part of the site I need to go to?

Edit: Ah yes, now it's an ipod nano alarm clock for £4, lol


Will probably be the last thing of the sell off.//Watching Gladiator now.

what do you do that won't let you get on boffer but will let you watch films all day? :?
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