Found 17th Nov 2009 a snowman

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Sell em to a sex shop,

size C batteries are quite expensive as I remember trying to get some recently for my radio


Dunno, but the joke sounds hilarious.

ebay them they go for about 5.00 a pack

Join em all together and make a 720 volt tazer, much did they cost you? :?

I've only managed to sell 5 packs for a quid! :lol:
I'll probably get rid of mine at a carboot, if I can get motivated to do it...


In winter? It says on them though, use by 2010, does that mean the end?

Yes, in winter! lol

Use by 2010, I am taking it as the end. We'll still be in 2010 this time next year....

Stand outside a toyshop... with Christmas coming up... you could make a killing!

Buy a rabbit
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