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Yes go it's not that big inside the main arena in comparrison to say Wembley Arena for example .

I see what you mean but i went earlier this year to see Keane & thought to myself something like this is a small arena. That pic does make it look big but it doesn't seem it when inside

I always sit in the yellow area cause I is a tight ass, lol

It's always fine for me, I saw Green Day earlier this year and was glad not to be too close to the front as the noise, wow, was v.loud

you get a brilliant view where ever you sit in the O2 but, I personally will NEVER have a seat in the 400 as it is really nose-bleeding high
i dont like heights & i was paralysed with fear, it is so so steep & u dont have much room to move
That is my opinion!!!


Thanks, in this pic:It looks huge to be all the way at the top back.

That picture's taken from block 104/105.

NO!!!! Its terrible. All the acts even say how they are surprised ppl come to see them when they are that far away, namely michael mcintyre and metallica who I have both seen there

If you were so desperate to go to the concert it wouldn't matter where you were sitting it's all about the atmosphere and the music, think if you need to ask whether you should go or not you should keep your pennies

the arena really isnt that big , as you are high up they are fine x

You're gonna be a mile away from the stage up there, the O2 is big.

I've seen Metallica 3 times there in the last year, and each time they've played 'in the round' with the stage in the middle so pretty much everybody sitting gets a decent seat.

I wish more acts would do that. Although I personally was close up - I had standing tickets so was able to get a few metres from the stage, I could see that the people up in the 2nd seating tier were almost up in the clouds.

This was the view from the standing area in roughly C1 area on the above seating chart, that's looking up to my right at roughly F12-F15 on the seating chart. You can see how far away it is, and that's the opposite end from the stage, as you well know.
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