Do you want to... a snowman


    I buy it from: 'tekno_computers' on ebay

    you can join Viking direct and go for 5*star office Air duster spray code 924634 - 400ml:thumbsup:….do?XREF1=ISUK905999GOOSM1&XREF2=ISUK905999GOOSM1&cm_mmc=Google-_-Viking%20Brand%20%2f%20Competitors-_-Viking-_-Viking%20Direct&asource=PC&_$ja=kw:viking+direct|cgn:Viking|cgid:1343045271|tsid:11918|cn:Viking+Direct+Brand|cid:51284451|lid:103340879|mt:Exact|nw:search|crid:3832151151

    Go to your nearest backstreet garage and offer them a 50p / a quid for the coffee jar if you can use an airline for a few mins. They'll have a moisture catcher and filter on the system so should be good to go.

    I have a compressor in the garage and use that all the time

    Got 4 for just over a tenner from Amazon last time I was looking.

    have you tried looking for refillable cans, i remember from a few years back they sold them,you use a bike pump to pressure it, the initial outlay would be higher, but you save in the long run.

    I bought myself a small hobby compressor similiar to this one ]mini air compressor
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