Do you want to... a snowman


    Non of your business !

    nope but bin men have just been!

    No should we?

    on a sunday?

    Madness i tell you!!


    Catching up on what they should have delivered well before Xmas no doubt

    RM are a waste of space


    on a sunday?

    About time they worked :whistling: Its possible due to Xmas and New Year days off

    We had a delivery by RM last Sunday but we were out so got left a card.

    yeah we had one last sunday

    We got one last Sunday too.


    OMG - I thought I was going crazy ( probaly have ) I got mail too - im in london!

    I got mail on a sunday last year around this time, but nothing this year.


    damn you lot for getting mail on a sunday, damn you to hell!

    i get barely any post mon-fri so i would be very lucky to get something today. the amount of post of mine which goes missing, have started to get parcels delivered to my work and guess what - they actually turn up.

    You've got my hopes up now... nothing yet

    i read about this about working on sundays to deliver parcels - but dont think it was for letters. I havent yet recieved a parcel which was expected before christmas


    nope but bin men have just been!

    same here! shoulda come thursday ( normal day friday )
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