Found 5th Jan 2010 a snowman

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They said it would just be icey where I live. Yet since 11:30 its been snowing, and still is although its a lot lighter

they said there would be snow tonight where i am but nothing yet

Hasnt stopped here for hours, getting really thick now !!


Hasnt stopped here for hours, getting really thick now !!

Dont worry , i am sure it will stop now, just stick on a dvd and a coffee, perhaps "The day after tommorrow" movie would be a good choice

supposed to be heavy snow at 3am here - now says 6am but has just started snowing.. goddamnit.. i gotta drive home in a few hours !!!

So they were infact correct then.


so whats the failure again, the bbc not tracking the speed of the snow clouds?

what weather being unpredictable....never heard of such a thing:)


they were wrong about dundee, fife area, no snow whatsoever since sunday.

Been sunny all day here, so they failed.

Snow falling now, end near.....
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