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    found one on fleabay item number 250597385672 £7.95 delivered

    id be careful of the cheapo ebay ones, they might blow up or be a fire hazard - when mine broke, i bought a universal adapter from maplins for 24 quid which was very useful. I can use it for my printer too if needed

    Original Dell PA10 AC Adapter AC mains charger (model LA90PS0-00) and UK mains lead

    Item number: 290423411358

    Currently @ 99p + £4 p+p

    Hope that helps

    if the laptop is still under warrenty phone up dell and state that your adapter is faulty and wont power the system and have tried another one and it works fine( dont tell them that its snapped) and they will send you a new one

    I got this from Amazon for a Inspiron 1500. Worked perfectly -…OY/

    This is not my shop or anything, but thats who I got my last one from and it was a fair price.
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