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Found 24th Aug 2010
...build a snowman

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From the Article:

"Gamers hacking their way to high scores is nothing new.

But while Microsoft has banned people who've illegally pirated games from playing Xbox live it's rare for a developer to take this kind of action.

Depending on how successful or not this turns out to be other companies could follow suit."

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I don't see the point unless these people are changing the gaming experience for others in some way.

Wouldn't it be better just to remove them permanently from the leader board?

not really though look at all the hacks in MW2

I.W should do the same for Mw 1&2 leaderboards . M$ (cowards) should be banning those responsible not the developers though.

i hate the boosting on mw2, really spoils the game for me, i end up just hunting for them to stop them,


It's a new story on an old problem, what's the issue?

Does anybody know if there are cheats out there on halo 3? Not sure if they are genuine cheats or I'm just **** at the game.


Wish they would do this with GTA 4 turbo game pad users.
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