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    100 balls isnt really much, youll need atleast 500.


    I know, but thats not relevant if i can't get cheap tickets anyways.

    Unfortunately the cost of extra paintballs will be very relevant on the day when you are hit for £15 per 100 balls!!

    hi i paid for my husband and father-in-law to go recently with skirmish they have sites all over. however i do think you should consider the cost of the balls more as its what you will spend the most on. it cost an extra £100 for OH and his dad and they went a careful with them. maybe try to look for deals where you get lots included, most sites have deals.

    [SIZE=2]Don't go! It is seriously painful. If you must go, make sure you wear motorbike leathers or some serious armour. I went 4 years ago, and still have the scar to prove it.[/SIZE]

    Here is an amazing alternative for you…htm

    Not sure if there is one near you, but worth checking out.

    around bicester area we pay £10.00 a day includes 100 balls.
    when there group together and buy balls in box's of 1000. it works out cheaper. normally 500 or so will do for a day. charge £25.00 a day inc 300 palls.extra balls avail at £5 per 100.

    yorkshire paintball centre near Skipwith (Selby Area) is a good choice if you are from leeds.

    £9 entry then £6 per 100 balls or £35 for entry plus 500 balls (i.e £5.20 per 100)

    save a bit more if you buy in boxes of 2000 for £100 if there is a group of you but beware the trigger happy ones who may use more than their fair share !!

    Used to play there all the time and can recommend.

    You'll never last the day on just 100 balls though, not unless you get shot straight away in every game. Aim for around 500 and you should be OK.

    Buy your paintballs off ebay, i have done it many times 4000 £60


    Buy your paintballs off ebay, i have done it many times 4000 £60

    where did you go with your own balls:-D everywhere i checked out wouldn't allow you to take your own. being able to take your own could make a big difference on cost


    Buy your paintballs off ebay, i have done it many times 4000 £60

    Just bare in mind that a lot of places don't allow you to take your own paint.

    I go to a couple of places in Scunthorpe. If your planning on going a few times then a year its worth buying your own kit. £16 entry fee (inc 400 balls) then £2 a bag of 100. If you don't take your own gear then it costs around £35 with 400 pb. then £6 per 100.
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