do you worry........

    if for example your partner buys something and its on here.......cheaper

    i hate it when the missus buys online and doesnt use quidco or HDUK

    it drives me mad


    Being a control freak helps, they want something I order it, I know my girlfriends passwords, she's happy to trust me with their dc or cc
    Won't work with most of the female gendre though

    Yup it's the same with me. However, I'm worse as it isn't just my partner, it's my whole family and friends. I am not very socially graceful with that...I always ask how much did you pay? Not because I care how much they personally can afford but just because I want to know the price and how much they could have saved. I think it's probably really annoying though....

    Same case with me with some of my family with regard to passwords and dc/cc numbers, most of those using mobile contracts in my name, other family and friends tend to rely on my msn links or e-mail recommendations.
    Safe to say I've saved them several thousand combined which earns me brownie points elsewhere which are nice to cash in

    My Dad's a bad one. He buys loads of CDs and is very pleased when he tells me how much cheaper they were in Music Zone than HMV. I rarely have the heart to tell him that using some savvy HUKD'ing I could have saved him loads more.

    When I was seeing my last girlfriend she used to do exactly the same. Used to drive me nuts finding out she was usually paying double the online prices. Of course I couldn't let on that I thought it was a bit daft of her.

    yeah unless someone actually wants to save it's usually an awkward conversation because really you're saying "You're a sucker!"

    Yes you do become a "where's the best price" bore whenever someone mentions a purchase...the times I have to bite my tongue for fear of offence when someone says "it was a real bargain" and I know it was nothing of the kind.

    Like schizoboy my family tend to refer to me first before makinga purchase as they appreciate the knowledge I have gained from HUKD.

    My mum is sick of me going on about quidco, but i cant help myself, she was more than grateful for me to go through quidco when she got a contract 02 phone....
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