doberman gang / the daring dobermans movie question! advice please!!

Found 12th Sep 2008
Hey guys

now i know these movies were made in the 70's and there're prob not the best showcase for dobermans

but i'm tryin to find a free download for these movies as i know they are in the public domain, or if anyone on here has them i'd be willing to pay as me mother dear loved these movies back in the day and hasn't seen the daring dobermans, ( which wasn't as good but still it was funky)

any help whatsoever would be great!

i wonder if the movie boffs could make a remake with a mix of pooches as not to discriminate againsit the doberman, a few st bernards as lookouts for the secuirty guards some jack russells for the customers and some collies to grab the money maybe lol

now thats a movie i'd go cinema to watch lol

anyway feedback would be super!!

cheers guys! (bows to the powers that be)
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