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    Hi I am Looking For a good sounding docking station /speakers for my zune player they all seem to be made for ipods around £50 .


    Hey, i've got a 'Logik' radio alarm clock/speaker/docking station that i got for £75 a while ago for my ipod video, but since - i have had a zune player and it works fine with that aswell. It's reasonably small, fairly long, white, and in great condition.

    Can do it around £45 - 50ish depending on the p&p if you like?

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    Oh ok is it this one?…-d/ if so not realy interested sorry.


    Oh ok is it this one? … Oh ok is it this one? if so not realy interested sorry.

    Errm it's a bit similar, but it's a bit longer and all in white with buttons all around the rim.

    Actually there seems to be a few sales for it for around £45,

    so i'll reduce it to around £35?
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