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    Ok I didn't know a doctor who movie existed the 1996 version just finished watching it and what I didn't know is that timelords have 13 lives, and currently we are onto the 11th doctor on the tv series

    Where will this Leave the show once all 13 lives are gone for the doctor?

    Looking forward to the Xmas special


    err pretty much over after the 13th life !

    talk of it ending once Matt Smith quit anyway .. also there is a daughter out there now - cloned from David tennants doctor in the last series ( not a geek btw .. lol ) so could follow on with here maybe - fresh start of 13 lives... ??


    they don't - they got round it in the sarah jane adventures this series by having the doctor say a throw away line dismissing the 12 regenerations thing.
    of course rtd also said it was put in as a joke after fans complained!

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    I remember seeing rumours David tenant may go to the big screen as the 10th doctor I believe Russell t Davis is directing ( or both were on board for a movie )

    Never heard anymore of it so I would assume the rumoured project is dead

    if i remember right the 13th life is evil anyways wasnt it

    and m pretty sure the master used up his 13 and then had some rebirth i think

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    After another google

    Johnny deep was linked to play the doctor :s

    That was false

    Matt smith is reportedly signed on till 2013 and is up for a movie version

    Who knows,

    Tbh the 13 live thing is kinda crap, I say let the doctor keep on regenerating and cheat death per say
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