Hi everyone. If you watched last weeks Doctor Who then you will notice that the Doctor pointed out "Bad Wolf" to the fans who hadn't noticed it yet. It's a word which has followed them around in every episode in many different ways, but what or who is it??

The BBC are keeping people busy by making lots of fake websites, inluding a "Who is Doctor Who?" website (Episode 1) and a "UNIT" website (Episode 5).

Now the BBC have made

The website has a list of the CLUES from each episode. Some were obvious, some were just in passing conversation.

Fans have also noticed more subliminal clues. When we first met Rose she was wearing a red hoodie, like little red riding hood. The "fake" alien was a pig, like the three little pigs. Nancy said to the Doctor "Waht big ears you have" like the conversation between Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma.

Can any ou YOU make a guess at who or what it is?? Post here.

Incidentally, the next episode is actually going to be called "Bad Wolf" and will see Anne Robinson play a character called the "Anne Droid" and the return of a familiar enemy of the Doctor...


Next weeks looks highly amusing, Big Brother/Weakest Link but with exterminiation rather than elimination

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Some websites also mention "What not to wear" as well.

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Hey!! I've got a great *UPDATE*.

The BBC Doctor Who website has been updated!! It shows Billie on the weakest link, and The Doctor in Big Brother.…ho/

Also, there is a VERY short introduction to the next episode here:…tml

I advies you not to visit if you don't want to even catch a glimpse into what happened. I MUST ALSO WARN YOU NOT TO WATCH THE TRAILER FOR THE NEXT SHOW. It contains a BIG spoiler for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

New series starting soon :thumbsup:

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Is there a set date yet? I thought Tennant was great in the Christmas special... he was funny, and I'd like a funny Dr Who. Eccleston nearly made it with his sarcasm but I'm looking forward to this more.

the official website says spring, no definite date yet... :thumbsup:

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I did hear later this month, but don't quote me on that.

"Bad Wolf" is hard to explain, so read carefully. When Rose absorbed the Time Vortex, she sent a message called "Bad Wolf" across time and space, so that her past self would know that she can save the Doctor from extermination by the Daleks.:thumbsup::):roll:;-):-D

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Way to make me look stupid!! Bring back a thread from two years ago which shows my true geekiness and also the number of typos I can make when I'm tired. lol.
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