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Found 6th Jan 2008
Ive tried in vain to find out on google, and then when i thought something/one i went throught a 9 page questionaire only to be told at the end i had to pay 25$ for the diagnosis.

rite well i keep getting a pulsing beat in/on my body, but its where i can actually see it and physically see it pulsing up and down. Ive had it in my arm and leg and currently its on my stomach.

i asked my biology teacher about it last year and i cant remember what he said what it was, nothing serious but i just find it annoying now and was wondering if i could stop it

any help would be great as always, Thanks


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I'm not a doctor or a nurse, but wouldn't it be Ideal to make an appointment/

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hi, yes but i dont want to go if its nothing serious

im too busy :$

can i ask...are you male or female?

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are you quite thin?

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15 years old
9 and a half stone

What you are describing may be perfectly normal. If you have a thin frame, then you would be more likely to see your stomach moving up and down. The pulse can often be seen on the wrist and the neck where the main arteries are I would say this is nothing for your to worry about but If you are very concerned about this I would recommend seeing your family doctor,

If you are worried and you must be for making this post.

Go and see your Doctor.

You should never be too busy for your own health.

Since you said any help, I would like to suggest that life insurance would seem like a good plan.:)

I get those quite alot. Just random pulsings on my arms or legs usually, bit freaky to see it moving but if I get them I just move a bit and they stop. I only tend to get them if I sit in the same position for too long.

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ok thanks, yeah my mums making an appointment

thanks guy

how do i add rep or heat or wtever u call it

The scales at the side of each post.

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k cheers

For future reference:
0845 46 47

They can answer medical queries

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o right, thats great thankyou
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