Found 27th Jun 2007
my mate thinks his accountant is ripping him off his friend at work gets taxed a lot less

can you give some advice

self employeed earning £25k +

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Depends on so many variables like company car and work expenses. The only way to be sure is for him to have another accountant look over it as his friend may have different circumstances.

have to agree with Sy. I do tax returns for quite a few subcontractors - a lot of them are mates with each other. they all complain that Mr X got a refund of .... and mine was only ..... although they normally work on the same sites. Keyword is 'normally'. A couple of jobs can make a big difference to the final tax refund, particularly if they are working away.

Also it does depend on what the accountant thinks they can get away with in respect of expenses.

All depends on what they're claiming back on and what receipts they've kept etc.

might not be a fact of the accountant ripping him off, he just might not be fully conversant in what he can claim for.

Since the budget umbrella companies have gone out the window and you now have to be a composite company - your mate might be PAYE, i was in the same boat, but now I have my company account up and running, i pay myself a directors fee as a salary which aint a lot and the rest as dividends. I come out over 100 quid a week better off, rather be in my back pocket than the tax mans.

Switch acountants.
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