Found 29th Jul 2009
I bought a pre owned ndsl from game about a month ago as a pressie, I gave it a quick test and put it away till needed. Its my sons bday on sat and my new acekard2 arrived today, I've set it up and tried it in my screen damaged one and it was fine, got his out and it just says no card inserted. Tried over and over again with same response. Tried prof layton and that one worked, but then didn't. Really annoyed now as have no time to sort anything else. Acekard works fine everytime in my broken one so surely the new preowned one is not working correctly?
Anyone else had a simular problem with Acekard2? Or should I just go back to game?
Trouble is it was poss more than a month ago, and I've personalised it with sticker set, bought new styluses and its green, which is what he wanted. Bet they won't have anymore. :-((

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right prof layon keeps working and so does dstt, so why won't the acekard2??

how can it work in one but not the other?

do you need an update? you may have a faulty card. i dont use acekards, only dstt ones. Have you tried wiping the micro sd and reloading the games. it maybe a problem with the conection between the card and the ds.

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its very strange. my dstt for mine has never worked properly, kept coming up with errors, hence buying acekard.
the acekard will only work with mine, but took out mem card added eng and the dstt seems fine in new ds.
just confused now, why would a card work in one but not other?

i use the dstt cards and find that its the micro sd cards that cause me the problems. If they are corrupt, they fail to load if they are too full. Try putting a few games on and see if that helps.

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yeah had thought it might be the mem cards, I bought 2x 2gb kingston cards and both kept having problems. Would be fine, but then I'd add a game or two and it wouldn't load and turn all file to just strange charcters.

going to give him the dstt card as atleast it works. If it has problems reading cards though atleast I took out the insurance for 2yrs! Don't think I'd trust game with their pre owned consoles again

if they are corrupt cards and are 2gb only fill to 1.5gb. as a rule of thumb i use memorybits. you may pay a pound more but save loads off hasse....

it could be the console too, thats why it was returned. good luck mate


simular does not = similar
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