Found 11th Sep 2006
Anyone think this is a bit dodgy ??

Or cud this be a really good deal ??

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All you've got to go on with ebay is the feedback. This seller has made their feedback private. Hhhmmmm! Why?!!!

The words 'bargepole with touch not would a' could be assembled to form a usable sentence in my mind.

Sorry Sc0ward, eBay links aren't allowed in the forum

Original Poster

Sorry didnt realise !!

So u think its dodgy??

Are item numbers allowed? I missed the original post.

[SIZE=2]I wouldn't go for it myself no...[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]You can leave the seller's ID here if you want Sc0ward, just no links Thanks...[/SIZE]

Or the item number can be left yeah
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