DODGY have you heard of this person or had dealings

    [email protected]
    alberto leonado

    I am very much interested in purchasing your PC+ Monitor + speaker which you place for sale on the internet , I just want to let you know that am highly keen to purchase your PC+ Monitor + speaker ,But I will like to see the pictures of the PC+ Monitor + speaker if you have any available, I need to buy it for my daughter on her forthcoming birthday as a surprise gift, have been told I can get the best there ,and as well like to know the last price for the PC+ Monitor + speaker before we proceed further...I expect to hear from you...Do get back to me as soon as you receive my mail and I hope the PC+ Monitor + speaker is in perfect condition ...

    Hi there

    Where are you from?
    if you are local you can come and see the pc for it self ABERDEEN
    i have put it in the scot adds as well AB editions
    pictures attached

    base unit only £350 self built
    monitor £100 less than yr old 19inch tft
    speakers £50 logitech only used a few times

    all very well locked after

    I have attached picture of each and a pic of my old setup with an old crt but don't have one taken yet with my 19" inch tft but can get one ifi you want?

    its a fresh install of windows and all the recent updates are installed.


    Vicki Henderson

    Reply 2

    Hello It's nice to hear from you this soon. Am base here in romford, london. I really need this I want to buy from you, if i stay close to Aberdeen I would have come over to look it but the picture you sent me has done everything already. I really like it and am buying that specially as a surprise gift for my son on his forthcoming birthday, have been told I can get the best from there and from the picture you have sent me I am not dissapointed. Am not buying that alone, I have other thing am buying and you dont have to worry about the shipping cos there's a shipping company to handle all that. So give me the round figure price now so I can issue out a payment in your name soonest and send it to you. I saw the advert on internet and I really like it. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible

    Has any one heard of this guy? does he sound dodgy? Have any one here had dealins with him before



    Never heard of him/her and wouldnt touch them with a barge pole


    He said it was for his daughter in the first email, then his son in the next email.

    Nothing else needs to be said.

    what they said

    I think dodgy is an understatement!

    DO NOT sell to this perosn....deffo a scammer! :thumbsup:

    Nice use of the bulk "mail merge" function which are the obvious signs of a scammer.


    Hi there JOHN, how are you JOHN? Why is my brain so small JOHN. Go and jump off a cliff JOHN.

    In the above case it is; "PC+ Monitor + speaker"


    Original Poster Banned

    googled his email nothing much showed up

    I found this on a scambaiting forum, it has his email address in it.

    From : alberto leonado [email protected] : Wednesday, June 13, … From : alberto leonado [email protected] : Wednesday, June 13, 2007 4:53 PMTo : Patty O' FurnitureSubject : Re: HelloHello, it's nice to hear from you this soon, but i want to know this, which country are you at the moment?Hello, if you can promise me that you will never fail me then you have the job, but for me to trust you, the first payment has to be issued out in your name which when you cash the money at your bank there, deduct your 5% and send the rest to me successfully then I can trust you with everything and the next 3 days am going to be there to handover the house key to you and show you around and maybe we can have the time to meet some of my client if you wish. well for now, am going to need the information i required from you from the very first email i sent youname:address:phone:country:Get back to me on time.----------------------------------

    He wants this guys bank details so he can "transfer" some money into it.

    Its obviously a scam

    I found this info ]HERE

    Hello,I am very much interested in purchasing your PC+ Monitor + speaker … Hello,I am very much interested in purchasing your PC+ Monitor + speaker which you place for sale on the internet

    I go that far and realised it was a scam :-D

    Love the mail merge bits :giggle:

    love the grammer :thumbsup: [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="7"]SCAM[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Yep, Its a scam!!!

    I think you should sell him a PHOTO of your PC equipment :giggle:


    How tempting to fill his inbox with 4 million Viagra sample request … How tempting to fill his inbox with 4 million Viagra sample request forms. :-D

    Or sell him an empty cardboard box :-D

    I'd go with the above suggestions.

    Go along with it, then wen he thinks he got away with it "boohoo" its just a box with a photo in it lol

    I have heard about this before, it is all legit and the shipping company does not know any better, you can send the goods to the shipping company, they will pay you out of the money that this guy will send the shipping company.

    He will want the goods shipped out of the country on Friday (any Friday) and he will send all the money due to you and the shipping company by Western Union. This is all totally legit and not a scam.

    They transfer the money on Friday and give the pass word/key to the shipping company so that they can collect their money but the goods have already being dispatched by this stage. There is s delay on the money being processed and the shipping company will have to collect the money on Monday now, but that's not a problem as they have the key word to collect it and they also have the WU receipt so the money is all transfered and safe.

    When they go and collect it on Monday from that post office TBC


    Do something like this...

    Hehehehe I was thinking along those lines but could not find the link....cheers.


    Original Poster Banned

    I am very serious on this, I really want to buy the computer and am highly keen on it, am not here to play game, am buying it for my daughter for her birthday sorry for the mistake here. am far away from scotland and I cant come there now.

    Vicki Henderson wrote:

    if U want to see it come to Aberdeen for the day.

    need to buy it for my daughter on her forthcoming birthday as a surprise gift


    need to buy it for my son on his forthcoming birthday as a surprise gift

    i am not interested in time wasters or scamers.

    base unit 350
    monitor 100
    speakers 50

    500 the lot

    "have been told I can get the best from there" the best from what?

    Nuff said! Don't even entertain the thought of letting them anywhere near you.

    Oh. I'd send them a birthdaycard... or an appointment for a sex change? =)

    Send them to:


    Would you mind if I adopted this scammer as my pet? I'll look after him very well...

    I say spam the scammer!:viking:
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