Does a device exist to connect lots of connections into it and output HDMI?

    I need to connect: XBOX One, Freeview HD box, 3.5mm Jack, and HDMI (PC connection) - to both my Projector and TV (on different sides of the room?

    Does a box exist where I can plug HDMI from xbox, HDMI from freeview box, my 3.5mm jacks for surround sound, and HDMI from PC and output as 2x HDMI to run one cable to Projector and another to TV? Like a media box that I can plug everything into?

    I dont want to run coaxial, HDMI x 3, headphone cable all around the room twice as it will just be everywhere.

    Appreciate any advice. trying to search for something but not sure what it would be called


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    lonegunman01 this sort of thing?

    Thanks looks like it might do the trick. Going to look into them to see if there's splitters with different types of inputs. Cheers!

    lonegunman01 this sort of thing?

    Never seen this before. How does this differ from say a, AV Receiver?
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