Does a Giff Gaff Sim work in a Tesco Mobile Phone?

Found 13th Aug 2014
Basically I have a Giff Gaff sim, planning on buying a PAYG Tesco Mobile Phone.
Will it be OK?
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GiffGaff runs on the 02 network . Not sure if Tesco phones are on the same network but if you get your phone unlocked you can put any SIM card in . I always get my phones unlocked when I buy them for this very purpose.I've had a giffgaff card for a few years now ,no problems and reliable.
from what I remember Tesco phones are locked to anyone else. it may have changed now though
Tesco Mobile lock their phones to their service, so you'll have to get it unlocked if you want to use the giffgaff sim in it
Yes they do
Tesco phones are double locked . You can stick a tesco sim in a o2 phone but you can't stick a o2/giffgaff sim in a tesco phone .
Yes here. My mom bought a Samsung PAYG on Tesco's Tarrif and put a GiffGaff sim in it with no problems, that was approx 12-18 months ago. It is blocked from any other sim though, she has tried a few eg when abroad. If you're worried just ask the guys and girls in the mobile store to try a giffgaff sim in one of their own PAYG handsets or I think they still give you 24hrs peace of mind when buying, so you could try yourself at home & if by any chance there is a problem just return the handset if you are using their instore mobile shop.
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