Does a Router's on-board Firewall provide equal protection to a PC when used wired and wireless?

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Found 15th Mar 2009
I've just restored my PC to factory settings and am curious to know whether my router's firewall will protect my PC to the same extent regardless of the connection method i.e. wired or wireless. I'd prefer to connect using the more secure connection (if there is one).

I've also got Comodo Firewall, AVG and Spyware Doctor installed.
Any help appreciated.


It will provide security from a different perspective. Either by Port access or by device access (MAC Addresses) etc.

Operating system firewalls are more orientated to application and file based access. To be honest, the operating system AV/Firewall should be more than enough protection for the average home user.

Unless your data is extrememly valueable then simply saving that data to an encrypted USB flash drive would suffice rather than going to all the trouble of configuring and administrating a router and/or OpSys's firewall. that would be a bit overkill.

The firewall settings should protect your PC from attack in exactly the same way whether it is connected by ethernet cable or wirelessly. However, by switching the wireless access on on your router, you are opening up a way a potential hacker could get into your network. I.e. if you can connect via cable and turn wireless off, this is a much safer option.

However, as StevenA2000_uk says unless your data is very sensitive or valuable and someone had a very good reason to attempt to hack in I wouldn't worry about having anything more then the standard security settings.

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Thanks and rep, I'll go for a wired connection.
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