Does a totum pro card pass validation for amazon prime? Hi

Posted 8th Nov 2020
Hi everyone. I'm just looking to renew my Amazon prime student membership and wondered if a totum pro card is enough? They say nus or nus extra card but hasn't it moved over to totum now?
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  1. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    Worked for me you just email a pic over
  2. deleted1105004's avatar
    MonkeysUncle08/11/2020 23:03

    Worked for me you just email a pic over

    This, don’t even have pro, they just wanted to see the pic of my digital card on the Totum app.
  3. deleted75953's avatar
    Yes and on more than one account Amazon don’t care.
  4. deleted291337's avatar
    Agree with the above, get all those lovely student discounts.
  5. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    How much for the card pls
  6. alienal's avatar
    Does this still work? I asked the Live Chat on the Totum site today and they said the following:

    • This specific offer is only available for TOTUM members and not TOTUM PRO members.
  7. weelee09's avatar
    I've just had same issue trying to renew my student prime - they say Totum PRO doesn't qualify... Ragging!
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