Does Amazon take Paypal???

As I have seen a game on there and I have funds in paypal but not in bank account
If not does any one know of a web site that sells wii games and takes paypal????
Thanks in advance


Hi, I'm not certain but pretty sure they don't hun

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Hi, I'm not certain but pretty sure they don't hun

Thought not ... Thanks any way.:santa:


what game you after?

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cd-wowwhat game you after?

RAYMAN RAVING RABBIDS TV PARTY FOR THE WII shows rabbids TV as £29.35! wouldn't be better going to GAME and getting it for £19.56 online or in-store?

I know you wanted to buy a game but boots take paypal and last week were offering 10% off orders through paypal so is there anything on there you could buy instead ???and there is 3 for 2 on as well

happy shopping

Amazon DO take paypal as payment.


Amazon DO take paypal as payment.

Prove it!


remember that when you use paypal, you lose all rights you would have had if paying by cc.

I would always withdraw to my bank and use CC or use DC as a last resort as tyou still get some protection.
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