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Does an employer have to pay an employee the minimum wage for their age from their exact birthday, or can they delay until beginning of the next work week or month?

Posted 24th May 2014
Child just turned 18 mid pay month and was paid for the whole at the under 18 rate, but at the 18 rate for the following month.
Not going to make an issue of it, just wondering what the legal position actually is?
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I think it should change on their birthday. Might depend on where the cut-off point for the pay is though, I know my pay month is the 15th to the 15th or there abouts. I know when I turned 21 my wage had 2 separate pay rates on, 1 for the shifts I did that month before I turned 21, and 1 for the higher minimum wage for being 21. I imagine if he just mentions it to his boss it would be added onto his next wage.
If they are paid one month in arrears then they have overpaid two weeks it all depends on how the monthly pay is acrued
I would say the employer is within their rights to only put the increase into effect so they can process a whole month at the higher rate.

Still this day and age I wouldn't be worried about it, it's good to be employed.
My son gets the 17 age rate , I think the rate is disgusting 3.72 £per hour , I don't think many people realise how poor young people can be paid , age 18 is £5odd a massive jump , in comparison , I'm sure people will say there only young but he does the same as a 21 yr old , I hope his employer will increase his wages in a timely way.

I don't think people should be grateful to have a job , but sadly it's the way people are made to feel .
I'm no expert but I would imagine that the right to higher pay begins on the birthday, but the actual day you get that money will depend on the billing cycle (also you need to notify payroll of the change, don't rely on them getting it right).

I get paid on the 28th of the month but my birthday is the 27th. So in that month where I turned 18 I would have worked 27 days as a 17 yo and 4 as an 18 yo. So I would expect to get paid as an 18 yo at the end of the following month, plus 4 days pay of the difference between the 17 and 18 yo rates (then tax comes in and complicates it all!)

I'm also way over 17 so this was just hypothetically speaking!
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