Does an one know what happened to Dealextreme?

Found 9th Jun 2009
Tried to access the site since yesterday, but I onl get a Page Error.
Does anyone know why??

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Okay managed to get in now. but EXTREMELY sllloooowwww

Yeah I have noticed they have these sort of issues quite regularly. Usually refreshing several times does the trick.

That's good thought it was just me..

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Its a website I go to whenever I feel really bored... I'd usually buy something out of boredom.... doesn't break the bank!

try using https rather than http ie click that and try it.

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You guys should grab the projection clock keychains. REALLY handy in the middle of the night when you struggle to see the time

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try using https rather than http ie click … try using https rather than http ie click that and try it.

Ohh yeah! much faster! Thanks!

Works for me

Put an order in for Nokia 5800 screen protectors last Wednesday.... Arrived today


Very busy site people.....

I've been in contact with the other 2 DX mods, we've been told it's been under 'attack' for the last couple of days, using different types of attack each time.
They are working on trying to get it back online, but as a previous poster said, use https.

BTW this thread is the 'latest information thread' :
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