does any know?

    does any know....
    1. where i could find prices and information on how much it would cost to advertise on sky sports 1 2 3 4 news and also on dave and dave ja vu ?

    2. where i could find prices to advertise in mens magazines. fhm, max power, top gear?

    or if any 1 has any info that would be great. needed ASAP.



    i'd probably start by contacting the people you want to advertise your stuff.

    get hold of the broadcasters and publishers. Will be on a case by case deal, dependent on size/length of advertisment, and how often.

    Original Poster

    its for a university assignment, so any rough ideas?


    its for a university assignment, so any rough ideas?

    same advice still stands. contacting them and actually asking will give you the answers your looking for.

    Look in the front of the magazines at the editorial page. There will be a list of contact numbers. Phone the advertising number and ask for the price breakdowns.

    For the tv channels, you'll probably be best to use ]this if you're just after a rough figure. I'm guessing you're not going to actually fork out for advertising time, and just need a breakdown.

    Hope it helps!
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