does any one have any experience of fusion 5 android tablets , or can tell the difference between a few models ie their 104, 104a, and 108

    Looking at a few models on Amazon around 105 ,115 quid but not sure which is best or worthwhile,,,if any Cheers


    don't do it.

    There's an "add to compare" feature within each model's summary box on Fusion5 website, but the 108 appears to be excluded and has its own separate page here.

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    don't do it.

    Why lol

    DONT get a fusion 5.bought a 10 inch one last year, just to play videos, and catch up tv.

    Mine became very corrupt under normal use, even on doing a complete wipe and recovery, it was crashing. I ended up installing a completely different branded fireware to get it going. all my comments are on the original fireware

    They run on are a very cheap Chinese boards.

    Games tend to crash within a few minutes.

    wifi is ok

    the screen and natural flow of dragging is gittery due to the size of the pixels

    battery last for 1.5 hours. 3 hour charge time. i change the battery for a much larger one, due to how much empty space the had left inside the back

    just get a samsung one, when they come on offer
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