does any one know the dvd hack for tescos basic dvd player tdvd216

Found 3rd Apr 2017
does any body know the region hack tdvd216 for tescos basic dvd player ive tried loads but nun seem to work thanks
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That would be a NO then
itsdavidjones19843rd Apr


Okay, maybe I'm being dense, but can you explain how to use Kodi to perform a region hack on this model of DVD player? I only know Kodi as a media player, and had no idea you can use it to perform hardware hacks.
open the player's tray, put a Region One disc on the tray, press the 0, 1, 2 and 3 buttons on the remote control, and finally press Play on the remote. That closes the tray and from this point on the player will accept DVDs from any of the six main regions.
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