does any one play on resistance fall of man ps3 i need help

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Found 7th Feb 2008
ok im probally just pap at this game but for a few weeks ive been playing online , i seem to die the second i start and continue to die through the game only killing 2 or so players is there any hints anyone can give me ??


maybe you suffer lag, maybe a slow 'ping' im no good at these games but i tend to do not too bad as i have a decent speed and ping. lol, that prob makes no sense.

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i know what u mean , but i always wonder how every one runs in front of me is there a special button to pres to run im always lagging behind while everyone else is speeding off ive looked in the book and found nothing on how to run x

ooooo I just got this game, may have to give it a blast online! Is it as easy as just going on muliplayer, and starting?

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yes its really easy ( well actually my boyf set it up i just watched ) but when you are set up online you click on multiplayer then online game , it then loads up and you can choose your game u would like to play , team deathmatch being my fave muahhhhhh muahhhhhhhh ( evil laugh )

you hold r3 to run if i remember righly
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