Does any one use thier ambilight tv in a corner of the room?

Posted 8th Nov
Any ambilight users have their TV positioned in the corner of the room? How effective is it there? If its rubbish any ideas on how to make it more effective?
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Well yeah, I guess you could stick up some baco foil behind it.
It's okay but the novelty of Ambilight soon wears of anyhow, if you had a main room Hue light you can sync them both together to fill your entire room with Ambilight. Ideally no matter where it is placed you need white wallpaper for the best effect.
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I have Ambilight and I love it. If your TV in the corner is close enough to the wall, you will still get a good effect. The newer Ambilight version has a colour offset option that allows you to input the colour of your wall and it adjusts the lights.
I have it (the TV has the colour offset setting), but I have to agree the novelty soon wears off. I've got it coupled with 3 hue bulbs and a light strip and I still just think meh. The colours are just a bit less obvious on the top of the TV. I'm sure they could very easily have a setting for a TV put in a corner to make the top lights brighter, maybe in 5 years time it will be there.

Don't get me started on the advert that pops up on every menu bar of the TV...
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