Does anybody get this joke?

    This guy walks into a pub and half his head is a big orange. He says: 'I'll
    have a pint of lager, please.' And the barman says: 'Excuse me, I couldn't
    help noticing, but half your head appears to be a big orange.' And the boy
    goes: 'Yeah, had that for a while now.'

    So the barman says: 'How did that come about, if you don't mind me asking?'
    And the boy says: 'I was in this old junk shop when I found a lamp and when
    I gave it a rub this genie appeared.

    He offered me the standard three wishes, and I said: 'For my first wish,
    I'd like every woman I ever meet to fall madly in love with me.' So the genie
    waves his genie hands and suddenly there's women looking at me.

    Then the genie says: 'What will your second wish be?' I said: 'I'd like a wallet
    with £1 million in it, and I can never lose it, it can't be destroyed, and every
    time I spend any of the money, it'll be replenished.'

    And the genie says: 'Your wish is granted. Now, what will your third wish be?' So I said: 'For
    my third wish , and I regret saying this now , I'd like half my head to be a big orange.





    i does

    i did not get it?

    hmm. did he mean half the pint head or that he might as well have an orange for a head (ie tested the limits of his imagination for wishes)?

    this is the funniest joke i ever heard.

    Its not funny! Its stupid!! Did you make it up yourself?


    KELLY 'N' STEVE;1928414

    Its not funny!

    no i didnt think so either - lol


    I dont get it


    you do, just read it as it is, nothing else, you just think its ot that obvious but it is, no funny at all really

    To be honest i dont think there is a lot to get!! You dont get it because it is not funny!!

    Made me laugh cos it doesn't make sense !!
    Its like something a kid would make up ha ha.

    its not really a joke as the punch line isnt funny. i think its a long winded so called joke where everyone listening is waiting for some funny puchline but it never comes.

    what joke??

    Im lost!!! :oops:

    me too !

    Maybe theres a line missing at then end?

    I dont get it.....!

    Anyone get it????????????? I DONT>>>>>>

    Its just one of those jokes that keeps the audience in suspense and then comes out with a none funny ending. Weird ha ha.

    what are you on about harlzter

    naughty harlzter ( but funny!)

    Wow I love that joke ... it builds up to absolutely nothin!!!
    Even funnier is evryone's reaction to it!!
    Maybe I'm just weird, I dunno ....

    I'm not on about the Harltzer jokes BTW!

    Why do i feel that I've just wasted 3 minutes of my life?:?


    I dont get it.....!

    Not just me then,
    more like

    Original Poster

    pfft...well it made me laugh anyway

    that is stupid, what a waste

    That was really bad lol. Actually no i didnt "lol".


    Not just me then, more like



    Is it an American joke? Was it supposed to be something to do with his private parts? Is it related to a joke about a guide dog?:p

    one of the funniest jokes iv heard and i can sill remmeber the joke from now
    nt really good a telling jokes or remmebering them but here it goes

    Why did the man jump off the top of the door?

    because he was a teabag


    I thought the OP joke was hilarious:thumbsup:


    I thought the OP joke was hilarious:thumbsup:

    Do you know why?

    Its actually so bad its almost funny...:thumbsup:


    i love it

    hmm... reminds me of a few my friend's 6 year old son told me...

    Q: Why did the monkey climb the tree?
    A: Saucepan

    1st person: Ask me if I'm an orange
    2nd person: Are you an orange?
    1st person: No

    Q: Why are cucumbers green?
    A: Because bananas are yellow

    I could go on... lol

    My daughter told me this joke a few weeks back and asked me why it was funny - I didn't know either!

    does anyone know where i can get hold of one of these lamps !
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