Does anybody have a link to the discussion about the old skin please?

Found 8th Jul
Long shot, I know, but does anyone still have the link to the thread discussing the old skin when they changed it for this horrible new one? There were suggestions on how to revert to the old skin in it, which I did and have been happily using for ages, but after a system crash I'm forced back to the new one and it's just as awful as it ever was.

I've tried endless searches but I can't find it so maybe it has been removed but if anyone does have it I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
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Any joy Here?
Old skin? I might be able to advise...
deeky6 h, 56 m ago

Old skin? I might be able to advise...

Or fore?
airfix26 m ago

Or fore?

Why do you always have to lower the tone?
Toptrumpet11 h, 49 m ago

Any joy Here?

Thank you for finding those. I'll read through them and see if I can restore it to how it was on my machine pre crash.
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