Does anybody know a shop that is currently stocking Heinz/Farleys Summer Fruits Breakfast?

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Found 22nd Nov 2008
Hi, I'm new and hope this is in the right place!
I need to get hold of some Heinz/Farleys Summer fruits breakfast 4-6 months.
I have tried all the Boots and Superdrugs that are in and around my area (North London) plus supermarkets and independent chemists. Heinz can't help me and nobody can order it for me as they say it's just pot luck what they get delivered.
The problem is that it is for my parrot who needs a liquid diet which the summer fruits is part of.
I will travel as far as I have to but I it would be much easier if I knew where I could get rather than searching randomly. Thank-you in advance for any help.


The box of powered stuff?

If so Farmfood's do them they was 2 for a quid last time I was there too!

morrison here do.
in northampton

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Thank-you, where abouts is the Farmfoods you've seen them at RedIron?


Thank-you, where abouts is the Farmfoods you've seen them at RedIron?

Mine is in Gravesend, Kent

I'm popping into town in a bit to watch the footie so i'll check on my way and if there is some there i'll let you as if you cant pick some up elsewhere I could buy some and post them to you?

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Thanks again, that's really kind. I can get to Kent fairly easily so hopefully they'll have some!
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