Does anybody know if CEX or Game still do disc repairs?

Posted 19th Jan 2016
Bought a Gameboy Player disc for the Gamecube that has a lot of light scratches on it but only works sometimes, would like to be able to have it work consistently.
I remember both CEX and Game used to do disc repair but haven't seen them advertise it in a long while.
I'm based in Ayr by the way.

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Hiya. I work for game, we still repair discs. We use newer machines that bring the discs up as new and it only takes 5 mins. A repair is £2.99.
Cex have some sort of machine definitely. I bought a game from them that didn't work and took it back and they put it in the machine and then it worked. Not sure of price because they did it for free for me having bought the game from there
Hiya, i bought a game from Facebook and it didn't work i had scratches and my ps4 said make sure the disk is not dirty or it may be scratched so i am wondering if you can repair it in CeX and how much does it cost?.
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