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Does anybody know if game Web prices are the same in store?

Posted 3rd May 2014
Anybody know if the game prices in store are the same as they are online? Also is there any way to contact the store and not just the automated messages?
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Game prices are regularly different between online & in store.

Don't know which is your nearest branch but based on your user details...

1 Exchange Square, Manchester
0161 839 5101

Unit 18, Manchester Fort Shopping Park
Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester
0161 839 1902

Arndale centre, Manchester
0161 833 0673

35, Peel Avenue, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M17 8BN
0161 747 0108

Apologies if any of these numbers are out of date...just had a quick scan round Google.

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Nope as I wanted to buy an item and went in store and different price and wouldn't sell at online price
Thank you guys... I had a feeling the in store prices may have been higher. It's seems pretty silly to me. Specially seeing as though they don't have a deliver to store option. Arndale centre is most local to me so will definitely be calling to check the price tomorrow before making the trip. Here's to hoping I don't copp for the moody git that finds talking and being helpful a huge effort
Glad to help.
Might be worth asking on here what's the best price on the item you're looking to buy?
.....whole lotta bargain hunters round here.

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I'm looking to pick up a copy of final fantasy 14 for ps3. The price online is £8 and averagely ranges from 5-10£ on other places I've looked online. Just wanted to pick it up from the store instead of waiting for delivery especially as it's bank holiday.

Knowing my luck I'll get to the store and it will be double the price
If you're set on buying on the high street Game look about your only option these days.
CEX sell for £3 pre-owned but barely have any stock.
If you weren't in a rush I'd order through Amazon for the £5-6 mark & wait it out.

If the price is higher you could always ASK if they'll match the online price?
It states on each product page 'Please note: prices in GAME Stores may differ'

Take a look!
I will give them a call in the morning and see what price they have it at in store. Bought the ps4 version not knowing it can still be upgraded via PSN so might as well send that back when it arrives and save myself £15. Will definitely end up purchasing through Amazon if I can't pick it up in store. Annoying thing is... I only need the redemption code inside... I don't even need the disk!

Using a tablet I don't see the please note info you noted... Maybe I just can't see it because I don't have my glasses on though lol
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