Does anybody know of a pc game called, ABU.. or something along those lines

After looking at someones reply to my thread on this forum :…/1/

The last one (aka. the sierra game) caused me to somehow remember some game from when I was a kid.

I swear to god it was called something along the lines of ABU and was made by Sierra.

The annoying this I can't find anything about it and Its bugging me now lol - I want to play it... lol..


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rwm24;5479639't find "abu" :P


maybe it wasn't made by sierra...

oh dear lol...

this is going to bug me all night lol..


The only game i remember by sierra was sierra maximum pool which was very very good.

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The only game i remember by sierra was sierra pool.


One of the few sierra titles I am sure sierra made is Empire Earth..

Thats another PC game I remember well..
Along with Monsters Inc (which is the same as the PS1 version)

They were packaged with the Packard bell pc we had back in 2002ish... (lol.. - I seem to rember on the bios it would say October 2002 lol.. God damn I have decent long term memory..)


Abe's oddyssey?

was it adiboo

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was it adiboo

thats it lol!


Jeez no thanks or anything

P.S game looks very very rubbish lol

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Jeez no thanks or anythingP.S game looks very very rubbish lol

sorry.. :oops:. :thumbsup: Thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup::)
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