does anybody know who to remove a hi-grade va250d keyboard?

    need to remove it as partner spilt drink on it and not working,going to replace it and see how it goes
    got a external keyboard plugged into USB and it works fine on that


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    Here goes...

    With lid shut, flip onto back.

    Locate any screws which have a keyboard symbol next to it. Remove all of these.

    If there are none, remove any screws which are beneath the top side of laptop, nearest the screen (basically any that are under the panel which covers the speakers).

    Flip back over, and push screen back as far as it goes.

    Starting at either left or right hand side, remove panel which covers speakers. This is done by simply pulling upwards, you'll hear lots of snapping. If it feels like there is tension and no give whatsoever, then you're probably missing a screw.

    After this panel is removed, you may see a few more screws holding keyboard in. If not, then you'll see some plastic flaps which will need to be pushed back to release keyboard.

    Starting at top, carefully lift keyboard up (if it won't come up, then you've missed a screw on back of laptop) and rest upside down on laptop so that ribbon cable is not stressed. Release plastic clip holding keyboard ribbon cable in and remove keyboard.

    Reverse whole process to put keyboard back in. If you have less than 3 screws left over than you've done fine.


    Please note this is a generic, "how to replace a keyboard" list of instructions. I haven't done this exact model but done hundreds of others like it.

    P.S Never attempt to take apart an Apple laptop.

    Hi-Grade VA250d keyboard removal.

    1 Turn the computer upside down on a dry towel to protect the finish and remove the battery

    2 Remove the 3 screws in the battery compartment

    3 The next step is to remove the plastic strip at the top of the keyboard......................Turn the computer the right way up and open the lid to 90 degrees. Working at the back of the computer using a thin knife blade carefully prise up the plastic trim. Turn the computer towards you and carefully prise up each end of the plastic strip next to the speakers. NOTE: only the part of the trim at the back edge will prise up at this stage.

    4 Push the screen open as far as it will go and grip the plastic trim at each end and gently lift the trim up and away from you.

    5 Very carefully lift the top of the keyboard up and disconnect the ribbon, NOTE the ribbon and connecter are very easily damaged.

    6 Replacement is the reversal of removal

    I replaced the keyboard on my VA250D in 25 minutes and consider it an easy job to do.
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