does anybody on here have both the ps4 and xbox one

Found 29th Jul 2017
I personally have a ps4 and have been debating on changing to the Xbox one does anybody on here have both consoles and can give an opinion on which they prefer
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I have both. My opinion is as follows:
The Xbox has more exclusives and the control pad is better but the PS4 has more games I play. As a blu ray player, the Xbox is far superior with the UHD 4K. I do prefer the UI of the PS4 though. To summarise - not much in it but the PS4 wins marginally!
I have both and never use my Xbox One. Better games on PS4
I also have both and now never use the Xbox One.
I have both and rarely use my xb1. If I do then it's to play the excellent forza horizon 2 + 3.
Maybe If my friends had xb1's then I'd play it more. Not one of them do.
I have both and prefer my PS4 100%. Much better exclusives, the joypad IMHO is a lot better especially the layout and the dpad. I also think the UI on the PS4 is great and the Xbox is a mess. I only bought an Xbox to play with my son and daughter as he and his mates have an Xbox.
I have a ps3 ,ps4 and xbox very rarely use the xbox use my ps3 more than xbox
SlyPie2 m ago

I have both and prefer my PS4 100%. Much better exclusives, the joypad …I have both and prefer my PS4 100%. Much better exclusives, the joypad IMHO is a lot better especially the layout and the dpad. I also think the UI on the PS4 is great and the Xbox is a mess. I only bought an Xbox to play with my son and daughter as he and his mates have an Xbox.

I completely agree, the PS4's UI is far superior. The Xbox' is just strange and confusing.
Have both and rarely ever touch my Xbox One. Besides the controller everything else is better on the PS4.
I've got both, hardly ever turn the Xbox one on. When I do it needs another 4gb update before I can use it. I think there are more exclusives on the ps4
Have both, never touch the XB1
Got both and there's no reason to ever turn my Xbox on. Forza Horizon 3 is the only good exclusive. Things may change when the Xbox One X comes out though.
I have both and a Switch.

I play my PS4 and my Switch the most. My Xbox has minimal play time and generally only for exclusives such as Forza. Maybe 50% PS4 40% Switch and 10% Xbox.

Not sure about the above comment about there being more exclusives on Xbox. My understanding is that there are a lot more exclusives on PS4, such as Uncharted, Bloodborne, Crash, God Of War, Gravity Rush, Nier, Nioh, Ratchet and Clank, Until Dawn, etc.

If you prefer microsoft's exclusives like Forza, Halo and Gears of War then swap.

The main reasons to pick only one: 1. Which exclusives do you prefer and 2. which one does all your friends have?

One other factor is that Games with Gold generally has better games than Playstation Plus, but that only has value if you were going to buy an online sub and would play any of those games.

PS4 is an easy choice for me. As others have said, the xbox one controller is the most comfortable.
Looks like I'm in a minority but I much prefer the Xbox 1. I only really use the PS4 for exclusives. For me Xbox live beats PS+ to a bloody pulp. Xbox live rarely goes down whereas PSN is down every other weekend.
I have both and my most used console is the Xbox one. I use it for exclusives, 3rd party, video apps, games with gold, game pass and 4k blu ray.
My PS4 also gets used but that's just for a handful of exclusives.
Both brilliant but I just prefer the Xbox.
Only ever played/bought an Xbox for Forza Horizon but it wasn't even worth it for that...

PS4 is much more used.

Not tempted at all by the One X whilst the gaming line up on Xbox remains embarrassing.

Plus I have a gaming pc I never use...
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No desire to ever own a PS4, nothing interests me on it, the os looks as bad as it was on the PS3, little girl controllers. Plus I don't have the time even if I fancied it.

Maybe in 4/5 years ill pick one up cheap and play the exclusives
Hey! I have both platforms and here is my little BIG take on it all.

Used to favour PlayStation 4 as it was the platform where I have been playing the most on previous generations. Only really touched a 360 as late as 2013 when it was gifted by a friend and then only really turned it to try Halo and Forza. OG Xbox?? Did not even get to see one in person at the time.

Over this generation things have been turning around for me: Xbox announced backwards compatibility, play anywhere, EA access, game preview, etc etc etc. while consistently feeling let down by PlayStation (specially with their thing about "no one likes old games" but we sell you again your PS2 classics and create a PS3 streaming subscription, or that thing in response to Play Anywhere of "there is no indication that PS gamers are interesting on having access to their games on PC" and now voila PS Now is on PC.

A couple of years ago I found myself selling most of my big collection of PS3 games and buying them digitally for Xbox when there was a sale. Never sold my gaming stuff but it was a no brainer really. Now I buy all games in Xbox except those that are unequivocally PS exclusives. Third parties like Nioh, FFXII, Crash or the upcoming Hellblade are wait and see as Sony is never clear about these things - So many games are believed to be exclusives when in reality they are only timed.

I would say that to me, personally, Xbox is the better option:
- More robust online infrastructure, speeds and all.
- Backwards compatibility. Not only with 360 and OG Xbox but Microsoft has said clear that believes in this model of one library that does not expire going forward. So every game you buy today will not expire when the next console is out. Fantastic isn't it?
- Play Anywhere, have you ever bought a game on PC that you already had in console? I did, and that's why I think that this initiative is good for the future of gaming. I am all behind this way of doing things.
- No digital region lock. I have been relocated to a number of countries before and thus I have a US PSN account that cannot be converted to UK. Sony stance on this is I should create a new account but that creates problems sharing content with my family, PS Vita only allows one account at a time, etc etc etc. Xbox and even Nintendo now allows for easy region swap.
- Xbox is now open to cross-platform play with other consoles. Since I wish that to become a norm in the future, I feel good favouring those that promote it.
- I do have more reasons like the difference between both companies' attitude towards consumer - Xbox is way more pro-consumer as of today, but I am already embarrassed of this big thing I have written here.

I guess different gamers, different reasons but I believe these points are legit.

Mind you I still play Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and all those awesome games on my PS4 so I don't really miss nothing, but as platform, Xbox is a better proposition today for me.
Neither ! I have a life beyond the fantasy world of my sofa
Xbox One is better for online play and PS4 for exclusives. I use my xbox one for Gears more or less everytime it's switched on (I'm an addict) however spend more time between the PS4 and Vita with the array of wonderful JRPGs the Xbox just doesn't have. I understand the sentiment around the older PS titles being held hostage behind a payment screen but you can grab them for a few quid in the sales usually. On that note, in terms of digital sales, the PS4 again wipes the floor with Xbox One. I'm sure you know alot of this having a PS4 but I suppose in short it depends on what genres you play, what your friends are on, and whether you can live with a smaller selection of (on the whole) inferior titles. Having both is the way is you can!
I have both and play the Xbox more because of friends but PS4 outshines in nearly everway, the best console exclusive game on xbox is Ori and the blind forest in my opinion which is an old school metroidvania style platfromer. PS4 has too many to name off the top of my head but standouts just this year are horizon xero dawn, yakuza and nier for me, not got to play much else. The biggest plus to the xbox one s and xbox one x is that they have 4k blu ray players. If you ask me get the console where most of your friends play.
I have both, PS4 get used way more. Xbox isn't a bad console and has some very good exclusives but all the people I game with have PS4.
Have both but only use PS4 for exclusives as I hate the controller.
Xb1 for all multi platform games, especially shooters, controller is perfect.
You can use XB1 controllers on PS4. You can either use the ChronusMAX Plus, which needs an additional USB hub (google it, there's a bit of messing about required with the hubs too iirc) but can adapt controllers from various platforms or a Brook converter, which only works with XB1 controllers but doesn't need a hub.
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