Does anybody play wow

    I need some help we did the 10 day free trial then bought the full version, I entered the pass key to upgrade the trial account which then told me I can not upgrade online.

    I then decided to just set up a new account, when I put in the pass key it said that it had already been used presumeably by trying to upgrade my trial account.

    I have emailed blizzard but it seems they are not so quick at emailing back.

    Dopes anybody here know whats happened and how I can solve it please.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Best bet would be one of the many WOW forums … Best bet would be one of the many WOW forums

    Strangley not and I cant post a new thread as my trial has run out effectivley meaning at the moment I dont have an account :x

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    QUOTE=tinkerbell28;5886287]That's odd as what you did should of worked just fine and the key should of given you another 30 days free. Email blizzard and wait sadly.[/QUOTE]

    Had a feeling thats what would happen Think I will try to call them but not holding out much hope from what I've read there not the most helpful bunch, thanks anyway. :cry:

    I did a refer a friend thing on a second account just the other day, entered the full code fine for wow, but when i tried slapping the Burning Crusade code on (to unlock the blood elf race and open up the game), it's thrown an error at me too.

    Hoping it's not considering my TBC code used too

    Have emailed blizz, but no joy yet.


    The WoW Customer Services are great, if you give them a call they should be able to do it all over the phone for you. Or at least let you know why it isn't working

    United Kingdom: 0901 815 0810 (£0.25 per min.)

    i am a level 80 blood elf paladin!
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