Does anybody remember.............

Found 21st Jan 2010
................ the old BBC Computers that used to be around, and more specifically a certain game!

I remember back in my primary school days, we used to play a game that involved 'driving' a jeep to a certain exit point, whilst avoiding lions.

The exit was basically a 'U' shape, facing any which way, and you just had to get the jeep into it to progress to the next level.

Can't find any screenshots, nor the name of the game. Possibly Jungle Jive, something i've found, but can't find any screenshots to confirm.

If so, anyone know where you can also get this game and an emulator to run it, lol?

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What timescale are you talking? Back in spectrum days?
No, was on the BBC computers, possibly BBC Micro, although not exactly sure if the Micro was same computer or a newer, smaller, version, lol!

EDIT: Just Googled it, and it was a BBC Micro i'm sure.
Aaah the in famous BBC Model B computer as I recall.......................... circa 1984.

How old are you................................................................................

I had an Acorn which used the same software, we used to play a game called Citadel.
Lol, yup, back in the day, haha!

I'm 27, so was 2 when it first came out, lol! Was primary school before used one mind you.

Also, think i've just discovered it was NOT Jungle Jive. Search continues..............
I think it might have been "Granny's Garden".
Thanks, will check that out and report back! :thumbsup:

Actually seen someone mention that game, non related, but didn't sound familiar.

I think it might have been "Granny's Garden".

Nope, sorry, not Granny's Garden, just checked! :-(

Thanks anyway. Anyone else?
BBC Micro / Acorn. You remember chucky egg and workshop willie?
King of the Jungle ?
I still have a BBC B somewhere in my loft with ROMs and 5 1/4" Floppy drive that weighs about a ton!

Great days .. Elite was the best game out at that time :w00t:

King of the Jungle ?

Again mate, rings a bell as a game being talked about whilst i was searching. Will check that out just now, ta.

EDIT: Infact, King of the Jungle was the name i got from a site i seen a guy talking about the SAME game, lol! He said it was called that (or similar), but wasn't too much info when i was searching for it. Could be close to it though, lol!
Thanks, because still no joy, lol!

Canny believe its so hard to find this game! :w00t:
well i know the one where you had to drive a jeep aand avoid tigers, but there certainly werent any lions.
it must be a different game...
Lol, ok mate, say it was tigers, and did happen to be same game, you got a name for it?
King Arthur was the best game on BBC. I remember it from primary school. It was an RPG
BBC computers were superb
Even now though, they are annoying me, purely due to the name of this game, haha!
Anyone remember Teashop?
Well it wasn't Elite :lol:
Got me thinking, so I downloaded a BBC B emulator for the PC and Elite .. brings back so many memories

Emulator is great .. called "BeebEm"

Have fun!
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