Does anyon know what this night out in London is called?

I was talking to someone on holiday who was telling me about a night out she had had in London that sounded great. I think it was in Convent Garden or Leicester Square (or definately very central) and was the same layout as an comedy night but they also had jugglers, contorshunists amongst some other rather risque stuff i wont mention ;-)
Does this ring a bell with anyone??


Probably COVENT (not convent - lol) Gardens as they often have street artists there performing.


No but would be interested in this for my stag night!!

I've been to angel comedy club somewhere around covent gardens but it wasn't anything like what you've said. I'm intrigued as well as to where that was.

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Yes it definately had all of the above and more plus you can drink there so it sounded like a great night out - hopefully someone out there will know what im talking about!!




No but would be interested in this for my stag night!!


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Hello data!!


I went to Leicester Square on my birthday a few years ago... It is also buzzing at night with street entertainers of different kinds. Just around the corner is the Comedy Store I believe, it is opposite the trocadero!

At Leicester Square there are alot of eatery's of all types, be it Pizza Hut, Planet Hollywood or Steak House. Lots of pubs, cinema's and ice cream parlours.

Covent Garden no doubt has a comedy club too - but I don't really know of it. It also has street entertainers - and a market earlier in the day. IMO it's not the better of the 2 places to go, but it is worth going here first, and then walking to Leicester SQuare - they are not far from each other!

It is worth getting a map out and finding out which street to walk down.. It really is not far!

You can buy drinks and food at the COmedy Store! I would buy tickets in advance - it gets very busy, and I relax when having my meal, knowing I have tickets for the show.

If you go -have fun! Well, how can you not ;-)

Maybe it was this: ]http//ww…om/ ?

Certainly sounds like its the closest thing you want in one venue.

EDIT: Its held in the infamous Hippodrom in Leicester Square.

Covent garden undoubtedly.. which leads onto soho ( red light district ) true london style not just prozzies but topless bars, masseurs etc.

Its not as seemy as it sounds.

is it a monopoly pub crawl?

I think you are thinking of La Clique too. I went to see it a while ago and it was great, exactly how you explained it too. I think its finished now though but not sure.

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La Clique is it!! Many thansk for your help!!
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