Does anyone commute by train? Do you feel safe and that you get good value? Is there any point in guards?

    Does anyone commute by train? Do you feel safe and that you get good value? Is there any point in guards?

    Thankfully I don't have to commute by train but I'd say 90% of the time trains aren't on time.

    If I had to commute and paid a substantial amount of money for a seat or to get there on time I'd be livid if that kept happening.

    Serious question though - why do people stand for this and let these unions take the royal Mickey?!

    When Southern don't put enough carriages on, turn up on time, clean their carriages why are they allowed to keep ripping people off?

    Because people have to get to work and often the train is the only way. Just like Livingstone before him Corbyn encourages this doss.

    After Blair not many people with a brain would vote Labour for a long time. Corbyn has just cemented the fact that Labour will never get in again hahha!!





    ...Serious question though - why do people stand for this...


    ...When Southern don't put enough carriages on...


    Can you post a good thread next time?

    yes and no

    Both sides of the argument are correct. The vast majority of trains should have guards, but in exceptional circumstances the railway companies should be allowed to run certain lines, or specific journeys without a guard to prevent cancellation, or withdrawal of the service.

    Technically train guard pays for themselves. Even with automation the guards provide an essential service of ensuring the safety of the commuter by checking and closing the doors, but also protecting their customers from possible violence, attacks, intimidation and verbal aggression. The other aspect is that the guard provide the service of checking customers have valid tickets to prevent ticket dodgers, but also assist people with heavy cumbersome luggage, disabled, or simply provide further information about their journey.

    Thread translation: i am a waste of life and want to get across my political views somehow i must head to hotukdeals

    there are so many trains running without guards that at first glance it looks ridiculous to say they are needed for safety reasons, if that's the case how do trains without them manage. Someone though was telling me that the reason they are needed, isn't in case of an accident but the fact that drivers cannot see the back of the train in some stations. If that's the real argument then there should be guards but on small trains or those with cameras then there should be no need.

    Unions want to protect jobs and the recent strikes in London about changes to ticket offices that happened 2 years ago and the Unions wanting them to be reinstated doesn't help the argument either as it shows they don't want changes. But they better watch out, as if we get self driving cars, trains have to be next, it has to be safe to have self driving trains than cars just by the fact that there are less things to be worried about than with cars and since a most of the network is automated there should be no reason why driving a train cannot be. Think of all of the money that would be saved if there was no drivers.

    You don't commute, so have zero knowledge other than when people complain on social media about trains being late, but estimate 90% of trains are late...ok then.

    You're wrong.

    90% of trains don't run on time? If you are going to make such an assumption then please back it up with proof.
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    Do you read the Daily Mail as your opinions are heavily biased and based on non factual information?

    My 15 min (just over 10 miles) train commute is almost £7 return which is pretty insane. I don't see the point of conductors as on my line at least during rush hour it's too busy for them to even bother coming down the train and during the rest of the day they mostly seem to just challenge kids over whether they have the correct ticket (or pass).

    My train is generally delayed/late during rush hour most days, it might only be by 2-5 mins but it's still a pain, and most days we stop just outside the main station for a few minutes waiting for a platform to be available.

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    u dont commute by train and yet assume 90% don't run on time u must be a weirdo. everytime I have used a train it has been spot in its not there fault if u can't set ur watch up properly or tell the time but I suppose the buses are never late are they. the amount of times I have had to pay extra money for a taxi due to buses not turning up and running late over 30 mins u would probably classy that as buses running late 100% of the time.
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