Does anyone else find Specsavers customer service awful??...any better places??

Found 26th Aug 2009
I have had my own and my kids eyes tested at Specsavers for years, but just recently Ive really noticed a change in their attitude and service...

I got my last pair of glasses in Jan 2008 and within 3 months they had broken at the join over the bridge of the nose (fault in the soldering) so I returned to the store and asked for some help.
The lady was apologetic and went off to talk to someone else, she then returned and informed me that I would have to pay for some new frames!!
I was shocked, the least I expected was for them to be sent off for re-soldering...
They would not bidge on repairing or replacing them.
As I am blind as a bat, I forked out £45 for a replacement pair and returned home feeling pretty annoyed.

Ive now started getting headaches and slightly blurred vison, so I called them to check when my next test is due, she told me its Jan 2010.
So I explained my issues with my sight and was told ..
"you can have an eye test BUT if your perscription isnt significantly worse, you will have to pay for the sight test"
She was so abrupt and short, I felt as though i was in the wrong!!

I popped into a different store today and asked for an adjustment on my glasses and also asked if they stocked a particular brand of glasses that I want to buy...
They dont stock it...so I then asked for my PD (pupillary Distance)
the woman then informed me that they dont give it out....I said it should be part of my prescription as Ive paid for a test and I need the information to get my glasses...
But they would not give it to me...

Im utterly disgusted with the treatment Ive had from them over the last 2 years and will be no longer using their services....

anyone else had issues with them or other places as Im now looking for a better service elsewhere....

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Nope, brill near me in Bristol
yep they are rubbish. go to an independent store or if you have to go to a chain go to vision express
The point about the PD is a interesting - is there any optician that gives this out freely? I hate the way they hide this info from the paying customer, it's seems pretty dishonest to me.

I do agree that Specsavers no longer offers anything different to the other high street brands - just as expensive and slow, and in my local branch understaffed as well.
Not very impressed with specsavers, found d&a much better, and got free eye test & nectar points for having eye test. Couldnt fault the test and service throughout. Dad was so impressed he got his done at the same time!
We are using vision express for my 5YO sons glasses, since March he has had 3 sets of new lenses and about 12 sets of frames, they have been really good, even ordering a new set of frames to be sent into the store nearest our holiday destination just in case.:)

Nope, brill near me in Bristol

yeah so are mine
Never went back to specsavers after the optician told me there was no such thing as photosensitivity


Never went back to specsavers after the optician told me there was no … Never went back to specsavers after the optician told me there was no such thing as photosensitivityIdiot!!!

Thats crazy!!...

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