Does anyone else hate Radio 1?

Found 5th Apr 2007
I am fortunate that we are allowed to listen to the radio in my office. We normally listen to radio 1 but have now got to the stage where we all hate it! They play the same songs over and over and over again. You can almost predict which song they are going to play next.

And another thing, the DJs absolutely love themselves! One competition was "win a morning with Chris Moyles" (just what i have always wanted!). And they are forever ringing each other up on their shows to have a chat (I dont care what Jo Wiley had for lunch!!)

Have now started listening to XFM, and even though they have adverts, seem to play more and better music than radio 1.

What is everyone else's opinion of radio 1? is it just me?

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I hate Radio 1, the DJs irritate me beyond belief. Usually listen to local radio stations when I'm in the car, mainly for the traffic reports and local news.
I have a love/hate relationship with R1........hate Chris Moyles(way too fond of the sound of his own voice!! grrrrrrr) quite like Edith Bowman and Scott Mills' show is rather funny.

I do listen to Century Fm a lot and Radio 2,especially at night, is very good:)
virgin radio, magic and xfm rule
i hate the bbc ones!
I like listening to Edith Bowman, Scott Mills show can be funny as well.

Good taste my friend.
Annie Mac on Radio 1 is very good. She gave me a shout out 2 weeks ago.

Chris Moyles used to be good but his show is awful now.

I literally can't listen to Sara Cox - have to turn it over.

Jo Whiley is essential listening. She's my favourite R1 DJ.
I can't stand BBC radio, end of story. Ever listened to BBC Essex or BBC Suffolk? Soooo boring it's unreal.
Jazz FM (now Smooth) is the one I always listen to.
Gave up on Radio 1 years ago...When i lived in Kent it was Capital, 'oop North' it was Century, and now it's 2CR. Have the radio on at work, but the others are a good bit older and are quite happy to have radio 5 live??! but the compromise is 2CR. Radio 1 just seems to be big kids letting people listed in to their personal house party:x chris moyles is so far up his own backside, he's taken a toothbrush
I like it in all honesty. All of our local stations are rubbish with the worst DJ's around. If anybody here knows who Kev Seed is they'll agree.
I was about to slate your original posting... but got to admit they do repeat their songs..... and djs do love sound of own voice.... how sarah cox is still holding a job down is beyond me......
[SIZE=4]Can't beat a bit of BBC Radio 4, no music, no self loving DJ's, just friendly chat and news... oh and of course...The Archers at 7pm every night....wicked :w00t: [/SIZE]
Hate Sarah Cox with a passion, the woman is so irritating!

Moyles does love himself!

Annie Mac is my favourite DJ - love her voice.

Will listen to R1 over my local rubbish all day long though (apart from Coxy, then I put my own music on)
I think 5 live is brill, you can't beat some fighting talk at 11AM on a saturday morning with Colin Murray... I still prefer northants96 though... jagger and woody... A++++

Oh, and i don't mind radio 1, jo whiley is from northamptonshire and colin murray at 10pm is pretty good aswell
used to think chris moyles was great, now full of himself, hate his phone-ins, has been so rude to some of the ladies, calling them dogs, thick etc. - really cringey

scott mills, absolutely love him, so funny, especially when he does his take-away prank phone calls, hilarious
Love Radio 1, Moyles and his breakfast team, would rather listen to them chatting than the music.

Mills and chappers are great too
I listen every day, I love it Usually I listen between about 2pm - 7pm, so only hear Edith and Mills.
I have been listening to my local station for years Radio Aire, but that became really tedious and predictable so i switched to R1 i find it hilarious especially Chris moyles show. I drive into work every morning laughing to myself. Coxy is annoying but the rest are good!

You know what they say "A change is as good as a rest".
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